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A Rainbow

The rainbow has played an important role in Jewish tradition for millennia as a symbol of the Noahite covenant. Perhaps it is only due to the Mosaic covenant of greater significance for us Jews that the rainbow does not and has not appeared much more frequently in figurative symbolism.

Only in our days has the rainbow become a worldwide symbol for peace and diversity - and thus also for our efforts to see all people as equal. The LGTBQ+ scene has particularly embraced the rainbow (and other symbols derived from it) because it celebrates people in their diversity - as diverse as the colours in the rainbow.

On 21 July, we officially celebrated a Pride Shabbat in the community for the first time, to which (as always, but this time especially) our members and friends from the LGTBQ+ scene were invited. We were especially happy that Rabbi Abby Stein could be with us. The rabbi, activist and blogger has been involved for many years with Jews from Orthodox and Hasidic backgrounds within the LGBTQ+ community, to which she counts herself.

We were very happy to welcome many members, friends and visitors to our Pride Shabbat and that it turned out to be a great Shabbat entrance celebration. Rabbi Abby Stein not only celebrated with us, but also motivated us with her commitment and positive manner to continue our path of diversity and openness patiently (and sometimes militantly) even in the face of opposition.

In beautiful weather, we sat for a long time, sang and got to know each other. Shabbat, as the highest day of the week, dedicated to the enjoyment and realisation of creation, is simply the best day for this.

Of course, we know that colourfulness and diversity also bring difficulties and occasionally require a lot of strength from the individual. But celebrations like our Pride Shabbat show us once again that it is worthwhile to muster the strength of integration and tolerance. A task, by the way, that is not new, but has also challenged our ancestors time and again and led them to new heights.

Among other exciting focus Shabbatot, we plan not to let this Pride and Shabbat celebration be the last and already invite all members and friends to our next open Shabbat celebrations (dates here).

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