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OFEK Saxony introduces itself.

The Reporting and Counselling Centre for Anti-Semitism in Saxony

Since last year, a new regional support structure has been active in the Free State of Saxony, aimed at people who have experienced or witnessed anti-Semitism, their relatives and supporters: the Reporting and Counselling Centre on Anti-Semitism Saxony, run by the association OFEK e.V. The reporting centre, RIAS Saxony, has the task of documenting anti-Semitic incidents. The counselling centre, OFEK Saxony, offers support to those seeking advice on incidents. Here we would like to introduce both offices and provide insights into how they work and what they offer. Finally, all our contact options are listed.

Counselling Centre OFEK Saxony

No one has to accept anti-Semitism and discrimination. Even in the case of obvious incidents, it is not always clear whether and how action can be taken against them. OFEK Saxony supports victims of anti-Semitism, their relatives and witnesses in coping with the consequences of verbal, digital or physical violence and discrimination. Previous experiences with anti-Semitism and discrimination are taken into account, as are the perspectives and needs of the Jewish communities. One focus of the counselling is on practical help in approaching authorities, in criminal charges and investigative proceedings, in clarifying and enforcing rights and claims.

In addition to psychosocial support, referral to further counselling, accompaniment before courts and authorities, initial assessment of legal issues, specialised counselling in incidents in institutions, OFEK Saxony also offers public relations work for those affected and communities and, on request, lectures and workshops. Counselling is also available to municipalities, associations, schools and other organisations. Counselling in cases of incidents at school, at university, at work, in the neighbourhood, at the social welfare office, in health care, in sports or in leisure activities occupies a central place in OFEK's work. Counselling does not have to take place in person in the state, but can also take place by telephone or via chat online (more on this in the contact options).

OFEK Saxony is the regional location of the nationally active counselling centre OFEK e.V. in the Free State.

Report office RIAS Saxony

The reporting centre "Research and Information Centre on Anti-Semitism (RIAS) Saxony" has the task of documenting the most diverse manifestations of anti-Semitism towards individuals and institutions or in the public sphere. The aim of RIAS Saxony is to make anti-Semitic incidents and the experiences of those affected visible, because only when the problem is known and named can it be tackled. To this end, RIAS Saxony receives reports and conducts independent monitoring of rallies, demonstrations and social media and discourse on- and offline. The results, which RIAS Saxony makes available as publications or lectures, provide civil society and politics with a basis for successful prevention and intervention work.

Those affected, relatives and witnesses of anti-Semitic incidents can contact RIAS Saxony and report insults (online and offline) or graffiti as well as attacks, threats, discrimination and bullying, threatening or hurtful phone calls, targeted damage to the property of Jewish people or to memorials, cemeteries or synagogues.

The Reporting Centre on Anti-Semitism RIAS Saxony is a member of the Federal Working Group of the Federal Association of Research and Information Centres on Anti-Semitism (Bundesverband der Recherche- und Informationsstellen Antisemitismus e.V.) and works on the basis of the uniform requirements and quality standards developed in the Federal Association.

Working methods

Both centres work in a biased manner in the interest of those reporting or seeking advice and are guided by their needs. The centres work in strict confidence: the persons reporting or seeking advice alone decide what happens to their information. Contact can be made in German, English or Russian and is anonymous if desired.

Both the OFEK Saxony counselling centre and the RIAS Saxony reporting centre deal with all manifestations of anti-Semitism, regardless of the content or background of the perpetrators. Those seeking advice and those reporting can contact OFEK Saxony and RIAS Saxony even if the incident in question is not classified as a criminal offence.

Contact OFEK Saxony (Consultation)

Contact RIAS Saxony (Documentation)

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