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As March begins, we find ourselves in the midst of the jubilant celebration of Purim, a time-honored festival that transcends boundaries and connects us to our rich heritage. Purim is a joyful event that commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people from the clutches of oppression - a lasting testament to the resilience, courage and unwavering faith that have characterized our community throughout history.


This year we are celebrating a double celebration with 2 Adar. This is done approximately every 3 years to synchronize the Gregorian calendar, which is a 364-day solar calendar, with the Hebrew calendar, which is a 354-day lunar calendar, so that the Jewish holidays fall at more or less the same time of year . Purim is celebrated in the second Adar, while in the first Adar we celebrate Purim Katan, the little Purim.


As we gather to celebrate Purim on Sunday, March 24 (beginning Saturday, March 23), we will be reminded of the timeless lessons inherent in this treasured holiday. From the triumph of good over evil to the importance of unity, Purim is a poignant reminder of the enduring strength and spirit of the Jewish people. This year, as we exchange gifts, eat celebratory meals, and read the Megillah, let us take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Purim in our lives and in the world around us.


As we enjoy the celebrations of Purim, we cannot ignore the challenges facing our brothers and sisters in Israel. The terrible events of October 7th and the unrest in the region are a stark reminder of how fragile our existence is and that we urgently need solidarity and support. As we celebrate Purim, we should stand in solidarity with the people of Israel and reaffirm our commitment to their safety and well-being.


In the face of adversity, our response must be compassion, empathy and action. There are many ways we can support the people of Israel during these difficult times, from humanitarian aid and support to those in need to political and activist support through various channels. Let us use the spirit of Purim as a catalyst for positive change and work together toward a brighter, more peaceful future for all.


As we celebrate Purim and reflect on the current situation in Israel, let us draw strength from the timeless lessons of our tradition and the resilience of the Jewish people. Together we will overcome all difficulties, we must remain united and build bridges of understanding and sow the seeds of hope for a better tomorrow.


Let us pray for the early release of prisoners in Gaza, for a speedy recovery of all the sick and for lasting peace in the region. I wish you all a happy Purim holiday filled with laughter, love and the warmth of community.

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