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membership application

Become a member of a young, vibrant Hasidic liberal Jewish community like nowhere else in the world.

Who wants, may, should?

Anyone who identifies as Jewish or has a close relationship to Judaism can submit a membership application to us.* 

One size fit all?

You can become an active (so-called "regular") or supporting member with us. Depends on how close you want to be to community life.

Your choice!

We recommend a monthly contribution of 1% of gross income for all members, but at least €10. Exceptions can be requested from the board.

moshe blue circ 400 simple.png

Moshe D. Barnett, Chairman of the Board

I don't want to form an Israeli enclave, I want to be part of urban society in Dresden. I can do that here!

avery blue circ 400 simple.png

Avery Gosfield, Festival Director

I don't feel old yet, but it's great to have so many young people around me. This is how community life should be.

kai blue circ 400 simple.png

dr Kai Lautenschläger,

Here I can develop and live my Judaism the way I feel.

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