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The JKD is a Jewish community in Dresden founded in September 2021. It currently (October 2022) consists of around 200 members. The Jewish Community of Dresden offers Jews and associated non-Jewish members a place of community and celebration of Jewish traditions. We are a young, vibrant and egalitarian community where diverse people interact. Our thriving congregation is a vibrant and spiritual community dedicated to celebrating our faith and traditions. Join us and begin your spiritual journey with us. Our ambition is to establish a vibrant Jewish life in Dresden that is open to the outside world and cooperates with global Jewish and non-Jewish partners.


We know that sometimes it doesn't take much to change the world a little. When the JKD was founded in 2021  we are determined to promote Jewish life in Dresden for the better. Our vision is to establish a predominantly young, diverse, liberal Jewish community where everyone is welcome. We are in constant exchange with  Rabbis and protagonists from all over the world and create diverse projects on Jewish life in Germany.


“Do everything you do as if it has a great impact. It has! "

William James


Toda Raba! We'll be in touch with you soon!

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