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Purim party
Purim party

Mon, 06 Mar


Elim Congregation, Small Hall

Purim party

Let's go crazy. Once a year things really get going with the reading of Megilles, music (DJ Israel Zvi), costumes and Hamantaschen. You're invited! (Photo from on

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Time & Location

06 Mar 2023, 18:30

Elim Congregation, Small Hall, Bischofswerder Strasse 1, 01099 Dresden, Germany


About the event

The Purim Party is a popular Purim tradition where we gather to read the Megille Esther together while making noise, celebrating, eating and drinking. She is known for her colorful costumes, which sometimes reflect the story of Purim, but can also be completely unrelated today. In addition to the dance and the music of DJ Israel Zvi - how could it be otherwise - the food and drink are particularly important. Hamantaschen and a lot of alcohol are part of it. Traditionally, we are supposed to drink so much that we can no longer tell the difference between good and bad. You don't have to pay attention to this, but it makes our Purim parties great memories. We celebrate Judaism and celebrate Jewish culture.

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Photo ofFerran FeixasonUnsplash

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