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Short long story of our community

Foto First address of our community
Our first home on Bautzner Straße

The Besht Yeshiva was founded in April 2020, right in the middle of the Covid pandemic, so we started over zoom. It took another few months until we could find apartments for all the students and for us to figure out how to get permission for them to enter Germany.

Out of the Besht Yeshiva the JKD was founded, our Chairmann, Moshe Barnett is one of the first two students that came to Dresden, and the second one, David Lamberger is a member of the board.

The way until our new building was long and hard, at first we got 5 apartments from Vonovia for 3 months, then we used the old synagogue on the Fiedlerstr., then we moved into the Hotel Villa Loschwitz, in between we got a pastor apartment from the Evangelical church, that’s when Mr. Wilde from Globus helped us with our current place, and for the last year we were busy renovating our new building, with our own hands and with help of our volunteers, community members, our neighbors, people from the city and mainly the group of Rainer Pitrusky.

Foto Eisenbahnstraße entrance
The new place on Eisenbahnstraße for Besht and our community

We came to learn how the German bureaucracy works, we learned a lot about building from our Architects Mr. Jarmer and Mr. Arnold, from our engineers Mr. Stöhr and Mr. Wilhelm, how to get things done from our Gemeinderat member Andre Lang, about financing from our Yeshiva Beirat chair Christian Ludwig, and from many many more. Mrs. Winkler, Mr. Hirschwald, Mr. Dr. Klein,

now that we look back on the last 3 years we can say with great pride that we can achieve the goals we set for ourselves, even if we don’t speak the language 100% properly yet, even if we are lacking sometimes basic knowledge, even if we make some mistakes on the way, the determination and not giving up is what brought us until here.

The JKD is a Jewish community in Dresden founded in September 2021. It currently (October 2022) consists of around 200 members. The Jewish Community of Dresden offers Jews and associated non-Jewish members a place of community and celebration of Jewish traditions. We are a young, vibrant and egalitarian community where diverse people interact. Our thriving congregation is a vibrant and spiritual community dedicated to celebrating our faith and traditions. Join us and begin your spiritual journey with us. Our ambition is to establish a vibrant Jewish life in Dresden that is open to the outside world and cooperates with global Jewish and non-Jewish partners.

Foto Star of David at the Synagogue
Inauguration of the star of David

Our goal was and still is to provide our members and the people around us with an active, vibrant, and lively Jewish environment.

Our next goal in regards to the building is to rebuild the second floor to increase the space that we have for more students in the Yeshiva for classrooms, seminar rooms, library, and to make Jewish life in Germany great again!

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