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Summer break = construction phase...

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Foto: Ananas am Strand
Foto © Evi Radauscher [Unsplash]
Foto: Baustelle neues Gemeindezentrum
Foto © NbA, public domain

The congregation is in the happy position of soon being able to move into new rooms and a New Beit Knesset at Eisenbahnstraße 1 (Building 7)! We have started to spruce up the rooms and to create all the technical conditions to be able to celebrate, pray, discuss and eat together in the future, but also to take care of the community administration. This is also the reason for our summer break until the end of August.

Foto: Baustelle neues Gemeindezentrum
Foto © NbA, public domain

Work is proceeding slowly but steadily with the energetic participation of congregation members and we look forward to a beautiful large New Beit Knesset. Any help is welcome, from donations, to technical help, to pitching in. If you would like to help, please contact the board. Especially on Sundays everyone is always there and with many hands a lot is put away. From about 10:00 a.m. you can also just drop by unannounced.

In advance, we are of course also very interested in friends, interested parties and members who have ideas for the interior design of the Beit Knesset and also those who would like to get involved. Again, a simple message to the board will get you involved.

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