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The way to men's hearts is through their stomach

Almost every single celebration, every story, many rituals and of course most memories of celebrations and shared events not only involve eating together, but usually also special dishes. We show and enjoy our hospitality through our cooking tradition and have already connected with many new people.

In many homes, the kitchen is the center of family life, celebrations and shared conversations. The smells, the tastes, but also the being together is something that draws us all there again and again.

That's exactly why Mosche Barnett can't be given enough credit for insisting from the beginning of our church planting that we create a functional and well-equipped community kitchen. As always, the two biggest needs are monetary donations and practical cooperation (and a little bit of networking with other organizations that can provide us with kitchen utensils). After a great surge of activity at the end of last year - also with the opening of the synagogue - brought the kitchen forward, we can now use the early beginning of spring (and hopefully also summer) with vigor to make the next steps possible make.

In the order of our planning, the next step is to complete the structural work and then to set up furniture in the kitchen. Above all, the first point is a big one and requires a lot of effort from all of us. We would therefore like to once again call on all community members and friends of our community to offer their help and support so that we can continue to celebrate together so beautifully and enjoyably.

The plain numbers say that we still need around €7,000-10,000 to complete the construction work and around €3,000-5,000 to furnish it. That sounds like a lot at first, but given what has already been achieved, it can be achieved by joining forces.

We look forward to setting up the community kitchen and completing our shared house with you and hope that we will all help together.

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