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There were many before us

A biographical project of Jewish roots and networking

On March 8, 2024, we celebrated Shabbat and International Women's Day in the community. The theme of the Jewish celebration was the special connection between our own maternal biography and our Jewish roots. Together, we drew a map connecting the routes between the birthplaces of our female ancestors, i.e. our own mother, her mother and so on. On a world map, the members of the Jewish Community of Dresden drew the birthplaces of the female biographies in different colors. This vertical biographical network invites us to reflect on our Jewishness and our mother tongue, leading to interesting and personal conversations with each other. The visual representation reflects a unique network, meeting points, approaches and distances that exceed the two dimensions of the drawn world map.

Malky & Miri are leading the service on Shabbat
Malky & Miri are leading the service on Shabbat

But what picture has emerged from these maternal lifelines? I had the impression that a hologram was being drawn over the heads of everyone sitting at the long table for Shabbat through the connection of our maternal lifelines. We then talked about the four known dimensions of life. The horizontal and vertical axes, plus the third dimension, which makes depth possible, and time as the fourth dimension. In the fifth dimension, everything that humans cannot explain finds a home. Where love, art, the unconscious of our memories and feelings come together, that's where my Judaism nestles for me. How is it with you?

Now it's your turn, everyone. I am inviting all members of the community with Jewish roots to explore our mother lines to become part of a biographical art project. Everyone researches the birthplace of their mother, grandmother and maternal great-grandmother - as far back as you can remember. Why don't you ask? There's always something new to discover! From April, there will be a box with small easels in the Synagogue where everyone can draw in their newly found paths. The world map will remain in the hallway of the community premises for the further development and growth of the traces of our ancestors. Let us connect our paths, they crossed in Dresden. Let's connect our Jewish roots.

Are you interested in finding out more about our projects or in contributing ideas? Then come to our next meeting on April 11, 2024 from 5-7 p.m. at Eisenbahnstr. 1 or write to us at

A project of the Cultural Commission by Marina Nemirovsky & Marenka Brügge

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