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Tikkun Leil Shavuot

On Friday, May 26th we not only welcomed Shabbat, but also celebrated Shavuot together in our tent outside the synagogue. We revived the tradition of learning through the night and invited all members and guests to write or bring their own small learning texts. It was wonderful to see that this invitation was actively accepted and that not only did some lectures, exercises and texts for learning come together, but that we were all enthusiastic about the imaginative offer. Along the way, there were - how could it be otherwise - milky and sweet treats for the palate, a custom we were also able to explore on the spot and learn about its origins.

In addition to a multifaceted explanation of the meaning of Shavuot, its history and the significance of its various customs by Rabbi Weingarten, there were smaller and larger lectures with thoughts on the Jewish teacher, translator and philosopher Franz Rosenzweig, on the importance of learning on Shavuot and on the body educator Moshé Feldenkrais. The subsequent practice and demonstration of the Feldenkrais method with full body engagement was invigorating and enlightening. Last but not least, we tried out some texts together in the style of Chawruta (learning in pairs on the text) and realised that this is not the last time we have done this in our community.

It was a really lovely evening and the still somewhat spring-like chill towards midnight was fully compensated for by stimulating conversations, delicious food (thanks to Jisrael, Moshe and the kitchen team) and a friendly atmosphere. The joy for next year may begin!

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