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Celebrating Celebrations

On Thursday, April 27, we were able to celebrate a joyful occasion with many friends, members and interested people, as well as representatives of the city and the country. Our temporary Star of David on the synagogue was replaced by a permanent ornament. This is another of the many small steps taken together to make our synagogue usable. The end of the tunnel is now becoming more and more apparent. Inside the synagogue only two more elaborate works will be necessary, - The floor and the entrance of the synagogue. And then we are approaching with larger and larger steps the things that will make our future place of living, meeting and praying more beautiful - such as the furnishing and decorating for the many different tasks that our synagogue will take on for us.

The fact, which cannot be overestimated, that a great deal of work on the reconstruction was carried out by students of the Besht, friends of the community and helpful Dresdeners on their own initiative, sometimes leads to the fact that the magnificence and specialness of the creation of this synagogue is somewhat underestimated. With our synagogue we show ourselves and all who want to see it that we have our home here, that our Judaism has an increasingly natural place in Dresden and that in its diversity it is also seen as such more naturally in the city society. We also do not forget the many efforts that individuals and Jewish organizations have invested in this goal long before us and we are very happy that together we succeed in taking more and more steps on this path.

Foto der Enthüllung des Davidsterns, JKD
f.l.t.r. President Moshe Barnett, Christian Ludwig, Rabbis Josef & Akiva Weingarten, Boardmember Rosa Schmitthenner, MdL Albrecht Pallas (SPD), President of Dresden Police Lutz Rodig, OB Dirk Hilbert (© JKDF, 2023)

The relations between German and Jewish culture and also their overlaps are manifold and very special. For this reason alone, the term "normalization" seems unfavorable. But we are very happy that the growing self-evidence of Jewish life in our city and our country also leads to the fact that many more shades and different realities of life in Judaism become visible. This is one of the prerequisites for the success of a benevolent coexistence.

For this reason, our celebration in April was not only about a new Star of David, but about a common future of Jewish and non-Jewish people in our beautiful city.


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