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Exciting times

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Wow, what a month and a half it's been,

We did the unbelievable and managed to prove that just as every pot has a lid, so every problem has a solution. We discovered, that we are experts in so many fields: in plaster and paint, in plumbing and electricity, in demolishing and building walls and much more. The main teaching here is, that nothing stands in the way of the will. No one believed, that we could be able to enter the new building for our Community until the first of August, and we in fact entered almost a week prior.

It was so exciting to see such a large mobilization from the general public, between members and fans of the Community and between good people from Dresden and its surroundings who read about us in the press and on social media and offered their help in a variety of areas. It is impossible to describe how much something as simple as word of mouth in social circles increases the amount of help we received and continue to receive.

Let's just imagine, what it will look like in a month, a year or two years from now. Then we can say that we built our shul with our very own hands. I can not imagine that there is another jewish Community in all of Germany, in which the members built the beit knesset themselves - that really is a very special thing. Also because of the feeling of belonging, the feeling that each of us is a part, the feeling that the beit knesset is also her or his own home, and the Community is our extended family...

I want to thank again everyone who reached out "one who increases and one who decreases". Each and every one in their good name will be blessed. There are so many special people and I mean each one of you personally. I would also like to take advantage of the stage and thank, on behalf of all of us, our rabbi, Rabbi Akiva Weingarten, our commander, who led us to this destination...

Now we are in the last line: the construction of our celebration hall.

As with the great challenges that stood before us in the beginning and we were capable of tackling them. So with the mobilization of all of us (and even more) as "one man with one heart" we will work - some with physical and others with financial help - and succeed by Rosh Hashanah to finish all the construction work. Then we will really have settled in our new and permanent abode.

Until then you can most certainly find us there already: Eisenbahnstraße 1, building 7. And of course we will keep you informed on any events, we might plan.

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