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The JEWSLETTER. Our new bulletin

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

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The Jewish Community Dresden launches this blog, here on the website. In the future you will find here texts from members, friends, interested people and invited authors. It should be about Jewish topics in the broadest sense. Apart from that there are actually no restrictions. The goal is to make the diversity and colorfulness of Jewish life in and around Dresden visible and tangible.

Look, who's blogging

Anyone can contribute and help, and all members of our community are especially called upon to do so. The editorial team selects, advises or sometimes even requests an article or contribution. From our point of view, there is no need to limit brevity or length, but 1000-word contributions have proven to be easy to read and informative. The editorial team will be featured in a link from here soon. Questions can be sent to until then.

Anyone who has visions should see the doctor!

... former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, s.A., is said to have once said. We are medically well cared for and feel quite healthy mentally. Nevertheless, we imagine that it will be possible to bring together a collection of texts that represent the whole spectrum of living and diverse Judaism. This includes culture, religion, tradition, modernity, secular, politics, society, hobbies, cooking, friendships and everything that makes up being Jewish.

Be onboard!

The texts are also linked on our social media channels and can be reached from there. Once a month we send out the JEWSLETTER to subscribers with an overview of all new texts along with event notices and other announcements around our community. Subscribe to our JEWSLETTER so you don't miss anything.

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